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Business Adaptability Consulting

If change is a constant then the critical core capability of any enterprise is the ability to adapt.  This is the indispensable capability for the next century. 

We are about improving the way organizations work.  Using research and practical experience we help leaders and their organizations prepare for the massive changes coming to all business environments.  

Strategy & Design

Develop business strategies to take advantage of changes in competitive landscape. From large scale business model design, organizational design or tactical process strategy.



Research into operational methods and analysis of impact on your business. Don’t just chase the latest fad, understand the underlying research.

Media & Education

Development of media and educational tools to drastically expand the knowledge of leaders.


Individual executive coaching or larger scale coaching and training of your leadership team and management staff. Ensure you and your team are ready to compete in a dynamic, global, business climate.

Project Management

Manage troubled projects into health or plan and manage large scale implementations.


Be it teaching a new skill or workshopping an idea in an executive off-site.

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